Engineering. Creativity.
We are an international engineering company located in Russia
AgoraDoxa is one of the few world-class engineering companies in Russia developing unique Business Transformation Platform that is customizable for deployment across large enterprises (telecoms, financial institutions, retail companies).

We are the Russian branch of meForo, a Silicon Valley startup with high-profile global customers and partners. meForo is fully funded and expanding the engineering team to support its ambitious goals.

What we do? We work in multiple emerging fields of Big Data, Large Scale Systems, Messaging Platforms, GameDev, Computer Vision and Machine Learning to maximize the potential of meForo Platform.

AgoraDoxa is not an outsourcing company and works exclusively on its Platform.

More than 50 employees in Russia
(Moscow, Novosibirsk)
More than 10 concurrent projects
800 mil
Access to an audience of
250 million people globally,
with 800 million addressable market

We are looking for technology professionals in following fields
Big Data Systems and Machine Learning
Data scientists with skills in analytical systems for big data
Person-to-person platforms based on sharing economy
Computer Vision
Computer vision systems and
image recognition
Gamification of traditional services
(banking, telecom, retail)
Intellectual chatbots for sales, marketing and entertainment
Large Scale Systems
Highly loaded large scale systems for B2C, B2B2C and P2P markets
Why AgoraDoxa?
AgoraDoxa is the development arm of an expanding global company that will bring its solutions and services to users all over the world. We have brought together the best of the best in team members by providing the right resources and tools to advance the solutions and services, while helping each member to achieve his or her professional goals.

We run business trainings and workshops and invite coaches to improve our team communication and leadership skills. Our teammates frequently attend professional industry events and conferences.

All employees attend free English lessons on a daily basis.

Finally, we offer a competitive private health insurance, and corporate mobile number.

Our employees are our most cherished resource and our investment in individual and team building reflects this.